After a few weeks of Silence, two months living with just a small backpack, and having left India for Nepal and a couple of volunteering missions, one thought kept coming back to my mind: We often see the developing world and poor countries as places that WANT what we have. And also as places that don't have anything we want. From my time in Kolkata—where I felt and saw Joy even in the slums—to Bodh Gaya—where, despite terrorist bombings, people continued to live normally and thank God for being blessed—I keep seeing all the essential things we lost in our modern society. After months of travels and meeting the poorest of the poor, who are living in very simple places, traveling in packed trains or buses and struggling to find toilets or clean water, my view is now that we should give re-birth to what we have let go of in our rich and modern world. What strikes me the most about these past 80 days? The happiness, the joy and the smiles on so many faces, despite the hard conditions of life. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASo! Now that I can see what they have and what we do not have anymore, and also the few things we have that they could benefit from, I wanted to share those with you.