Coaching & Mentoring

I believe that wherever there is mastery coaching is occurring, and wherever coaching is done, mastery will be the outcome - Andrea J. Lee

As an entrepreneur or a CEO, you like to do your own thing right? But going at it alone is not always the best idea. There comes a time when you need an expert opinion to ensure you and your business reach its full potential. And that’s where hiring a life coach or a business coach becomes a smart move.


I can help you because I am 100% sure I went through in my life & career what you are going through right now… Want to take a bet? Ask me!

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During the last 10 years and my transformative journeys across Asia & South America, I had the rare opportunity to study and meditate with master healers and teachers of all faiths. I was trained in Reiki, Medical Reiki, Sufi Healing, Sound Healing, Meditation, and Mindfulness. In Nepal, a Tibetan Healing Master instructed me on the power of Tibetan Healing Bowls.


With the discovery and acceptance that my new role is healing and helping individuals reconnect to their inner balance, I now aims to provide coaching services to leaders and corporations.


I am available for individual and group coaching and mindfulness and meditation training, inclusive of the energy healing techniques learned during my travel. I can both heal and educate today’s leaders to regain focus, priority and purpose in their lives and in their work.


I also opened a healing center (The Sanctuary) on my property in the Catskills where I do in depth work with my clients (individuals, CEO, Leaders). My key service is the CEO Inner RetreatTM.

Here are 10 Ways Hiring me Can Make Your Business and/or Life More Successful


  1. Get Unstuck and Find Motivation
  2. Challenge You to Try New Things
  3. Increase Your Creativity and Income
  4. Find Support and Encouragement
  5. Identify Strengths and Weaknesses
  6. Gain More Confidence
  7. Establish Audacious But Realistic Goals
  8. Prioritize Your (Business / Life) Needs First
  9. Be Accountable to Someone
  10. Harness Your Ideas

Want to learn more, email me or call me now at +1 917 257 6953