… To dive naturally and spontaneously inward beyond thought, to experience the most peaceful, settled state of mind and body, described as restful alertness, or pure awareness.

Yes Gauthereau Group it’s me Guillaume Gauthereau, but it’s also my amazing team of strategic consultants at Sequoia Lab, the incredible group of volunteers at New York Bee Sanctuary and the coaching & healing work done at The Sanctuary.

So why Gauthereau Group? Because I realize we all had the same vision. A vision of an organization that integrates world-class business strategic consulting with ancient wisdom and practices – tailored to help today’s leaders and corporations operate with higher purpose.

A vision of a world where everyone is included, the strong and the weak, the rich and the poor. A world where compassion, purpose and service are the values we believe in and which we try hard to live by at all time.

So here is our vision, for Gauthereau Group and for the world:

Gauthereau Group’s vision is to co-create a better world through helping to transform individuals and organizations to meet a higher purpose.

The organization houses and embodying many diverse yet connected spheres of knowledge and practices that include: business plan development and strategies, personal and team-based coaching and self-development curricula, motivational speaking as well as offerings for healing and transformation.