NY Bee Sanctuary


NY Bee Sanctuary

New York Bee Sanctuary is a multifaceted initiative created to CARE for honey bees and wild pollinators. The organization strives to CONSERVE the natural environment; ADVOCATE and create awareness about the many ways honey bees impact our daily lives; RESEARCH colony collapse and create a hub for bee science in New York State; and EDUCATE students and the public through onsite, offsite, and online programs and courses.


Founded by CEO and Entrepreneur Guillaume Gauthereau, New York Bee Sanctuary protects New York State’s honey bees and pollinators by setting aside a natural landscape rich in biodiversity. It provides education opportunities for beekeepers and farmers with examples of bee-conscious practices, as well as workshops, art classes and tours for students and other visitors. The sanctuary also develops research programs to better understand honey bees and pollinators by collecting samples from local beekeepers and creating a hub for bee science in New York.


New York Bee Sanctuary will be located on approximately 50 acres of land in Catskill Park, a short drive from New York City. The natural landscape is enhanced with help from permaculture specialists who will cover the sanctuary with a variety of bee- and pollinator-friendly flowers, fruit trees and berry bushes. The permaculture gardens provide an ongoing food supply for the bees, as well as seasonal organic produce for humans.


To learn more about New York Bee Sanctuary and its programs, please visit http://www.newyorkbeesanctuary.org.

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