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Our most viewed Podcasts are:

  • Awakened Leadership. A path for more happiness, more success, more wisdom for all CEO, Leaders, Entrepreneurs.
  • The Power of Meditation with some powerful tips for your practice!
  • Daily Morning Practice. The only way to truly fuel your day with a power not driven by fear or caffeine!
  • Success. Why a new definition of success is necessary if we want to be happy
  • Fear. And how fear can be a gateway to true inner freedom.
  • Transition. We all in our life going through transitions. How to better handle those right of passages.
  • Prayer. The Power of Prayer and how this can fuel your life with guidance, wisdom and answers to your most precious needs.
  • Simplicity. How minimalism and simplicity can help you get more clarity in your life and more happiness.


Our Podcast is produced by The Sanctuary Healing & Coaching Center, located in the Catskills Mountains a few hours from New York City. It’s founder, Guillaume Gauthereau, is a Meditation teacher, Reiki master, Executive Coach and Speaker. He has been a CEO for large corporations, a successful entrepreneur, and today share his wisdom and insight with his clients and students.



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