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Not far from Varanasi, the holy place I described in a recent post, is the small city of Sarnath. This is another incredibly important place on this planet; especially in India. Why is it so significant? Because in this small town, in 500 B.C., the prince Siddhartha Gautama, who had recently become a Buddha, came here to deliver his first teaching to his 5 disciples. It is 300km away from Bodhgaya (a place I will share with you in a post next week), where the future Buddha sat for six weeks under a tree watching his own mind, the site of his incredible breakthrough that allowed him to see the Truth and deliver this first teaching in Sarnath. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA In this first teaching he revealed the four Noble Truths.  These truths can offer extraordinary support in your life regardless of your spirituality or if you even care about Buddhism. The first time I heard them, I was inquisitive and wanted to know even more, so I want to share the Truths with you (not as a scholar but just how I understood them) as we go through the photos of the historical site of Sarnath.